About Kunsthandel Dangremond

Kunsthandel Dangremond has a gallery within the ramparts of the historic town of Buren.

Jan Dangremond started as an art lover and collector and got to know the international art world inside out as a trainee. He was also a teacher of (art) history.  

Dangremond was founded in 1999. Over the years Dangremond has specialised in Neoclassicism (the Louis Seize and Empire style), which set the tone in Europe for over half a century (ca 1775-1825). Since this period, Neoclassicism has developed into a much-loved timeless style, virtually impervious to fashion and trends.

Neoclassicist objects are therefore ideal for combining with both old and modern interiors.

The collection exudes a generalist atmosphere with European sculpture and marble and stone objects as accents.    

In addition, Jan Dangremond belongs to the extremely small group of Dutch connoisseurs of the antique Oriental carpet knotting art.